06 August 2005

Not that I intend to listen to you, but...

Now that the number of devoted total readers has catapulted into the high single digits and the money from the banner adds is pouring in, it appears that I must give some thought as to the blog content, unless I want the bank to repossess my Trabant.

So, what do you lot want to read about? I’ve narrowed it down to a few topics

Evil Science
Choosing hide-out locations. Building stink bombs. Vapourizing secret agents. All the stuff they never taught you during all the years that you spent in the juvenile reformatory.

Twisted Sister
More humiliating hijinks of the eeeevil sister.

Clown & MimeAbuse
Well, who wouldn’t want this?

GirlBot on GirlBot action
I’ve almost got the firmware worked out on this one. Give me a day or two and some Cheetos.

The Lemming Threat
All patriotic Brits should know why they all charge into the North Sea. They're after that sweet, sweet Brent crude. It's all part of a sinister Norwegian plot.

The Boss’ Porn Collection
The boss has a ginormous collection of movies that he has “hidden” in the accounting sub-folders for FY2003. Links to files like “PA_SALES_TAX_REMMITTANCE.wmv” and “Travel_Expenses.mpeg” As I am already using the accounting server as my porn server, and have capped everyone elses access to the T3, I’ve got plenty of bandwidth for you pervos.

Update!Some anonymous bloke has cottoned on to the fact that I'm counting all non-porn related votes towards the porn related ones. It's a fair cop. In order to avoid having Jimmy Carter oversee the next poll, I'm leaning towards porn with a side category of GirlBots with strap-ons molesting mimes. (In France, no one can hear you scream. Unless you're a bad mime.)

What should be the focus of this blog?
Evil science tips
Abuse from the Ferror sex.
Clown/Mime abuse.
Hot GirlBot on GirlBot action!
The Lemming Peril
Porn, porn, pornity porn


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And that's the way I likes it.