24 August 2005

Oh crud.

First, I would like to apologize to anyone who has sent me an e-mail to the address listed below the “About me” part.

The e-mail filter is a bit over-enthusiastic, and I have been guilt of mass deletions without going through the lists first. Mea culpa.

If anyone has sent me an e-mail to which I haven’t responded (especially hate mail; good hate mail is hard to come by), please resend it.

Secondly, has anyone else tried to comment on Hungbunny’s blog recently, only to have the literary gems dashed to dust with the message “Make sure the numbers entered match what you see”? I bloody well did. I can't blame all of the nonposts on acid flashbacks.

These lost masterpieces are at least as heavy a blow to western civilization as the burning of the Alexandrian library.

Well, the burning of the porn library of Bubba Tenderpalms from Alexandria, VA.

Finally, a question for Hungbunny, and Hungbunny alone*. Do you prefer Hypno beam#1, or Hypno beam#2? I'm leaning towards number two.

*Don't do it. I'm warning you. Bad things will happen if you are not Hungbunny. I can't say what; just trust me.

Alright, listen, if you really must click on those links, don’t say I didn’t warn you, if you happen to turn into a drooling zombie. Hungbunny can handle it; he’s a professional.

And that's the way I likes it.