01 August 2005

Updates, e-mails and deep thoughts.

Link Whoring:

1). I am now number one on a Google search for “Spastic rabid weasel like fallatio”. Bite me, Barry.

Reader E-mails:

SpankyClown, offended by the anti clown agit-prop writes: “WTF?! uncool, d00d . i am going to clown college and clowns r bettr than what u do. u r just a lamo tard. I now were u live fucker!’

Indeed, Spanky, or should I say; JohnG of 212 N. High St? Ride your motorbike across my back yard one more time, you hippie freak, and I’ll have a “Burning Man” festival of my own. It will be the most fun I’ve had since a bet my brother he couldn’t piss from here to the electric fence. LOLOMGWTFBBQ!


Deep Thoughts:

If, when you sleep with someone, you sleep with everyone that they have slept with, and everyone that they have ever slept with, and so on; then why am I still horny?

You think I’d be worn out and severly dehydrated after a couple of hookers.

And that's the way I likes it.