13 September 2005

A Day Late and a Dullard Short.

I promised myself I wouldn’t write about politics, as no good can come of it. Especially with something so emotionally charged as the Katrina recovery efforts. But here I am, days after the fact, foaming at the mouth.

Yesterday, I had the misfortune to listen to two obscenely paid, supposedly intelligent people (well, patent attorneys, actually) bicker about state, local and federal blame allocation for the better part of an hour. To hear them speak, shocking incompetence at all governmental levels is a 21st century innovation

Nonsense! Consider literary works of the nineteenth century; for example, “The Village Idiot; or Mayor”:

“Under the spreading chestnut tree,
The village half-wit sat.
Amusing himself,
By abusing himself;
And catching it in his hat”

Wordsworth’s immortal words echo down the ages. Politicians, due to their extra chromosome, are only fit to work in the fast-food industry (as long as one keeps them away from the fryers), or better yet, the padded, hallowed realms of City Hall, Congress and the White House; where there are responsible people to insure that they don’t run with scissors or bang their heads against the wall too many times.

Unfortunately, it turns out that due to a budget glitch, we have not been paying the minders since Kennedy’s administration, and the lot has walked off the job. We have been oblivious to this fact for over forty years.

This is why we ended up with bureaucratic monstrosities that could not, in fact,would not, coordinate with each other, even when this was the big lesson we supposedly learned almost four years ago to the date.

The sad fact is that we are the absent minders, and we are now reaping the bureaucratic nightmare. Under the best of circumstances and coordination, it would have been days for basic relief to get to some of the worst hit areas. Obviously, this was far from the best of circumstances. It’s time for us to get involved again.

We citizens also have to be able to fend for ourselves through out the first few weeks after a disaster and be prepared to provide aid and comfort to those in need.

If we, the people, continue to sit on our thumbs in such emergencies;, expecting any level of government to immediately swoop in and kiss everything better, we’d also better start being extra, extra good.

Santa Claus is watching, you know.

And that's the way I likes it.