26 October 2005

And my career counselor said I'd never amount to anything...

How can I possibly waste more time at work? Well thanks to those evilest of bloggers; "Anthrax" Harry Hutton and "Door Kicker" Hungbunny, I am left with a dilemma to resolve.

A dilemma, I might add, that is worthy of my massive brain power, yet not too challenging to the championship caliber hangover that I am currently sporting. (Long story, involving scissors, superglue remover, poodles and overly thankful poodle owner; considering I was the one who glued those annoying little ankle biters together in the first place.

Have you ever seen a ball of poodles? It's quite the sight.)

My blog is worth $10,161.72.
How much is your blog worth?

Look! "Where's the Ka-boom?" is "worth" $10K! And it's all thanks to porn.

As it turns out, both of their blogs are worth nothing, whereas mine is worth a cool $10K. Considering that they both have actual readers and that most of my page hits are from my own personalities, I found this hard to fathom. Then it occurred to me that the valuation engine must be predicated on the one commodity that greases the wheels (and other things) of interweb commerce; pornography.

It is my fixation with all things sleazy and the posting of links thereof that gives me value.

Pound sand, Mr. Tony Robbins!

And that's the way I likes it.