28 October 2005

Upper Decker

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mr. Smith A. Decker, The Secretary General of Pemol Company Limited, London.United Kingdom. We are a group of business men who deal on raw materials and export into Europe/America.

We are searching for representatives who can help us establish a medium of getting to our costumers as well as making payments through you to us. If you are interested in transacting business with us we will be very glad.
Subject to your satisfaction you will be given the opportunity to negotiate your mode of which we will pay for your services as our representative in Europe/America.

Please if you are interested forward to us your contact detail:
Contact address:
Martial statues:
Please contact us via email for more information: ddsmith@inmail24.com

Mr. Smith A. Decker

Well. This is obviously an offer that is on the up and up. I mean, why shouldn’t I trust Mr. Plumber A. Decker when his command of the English language is clearly on par with the average F.T. reading City denizen. Besides, anyone that would inquire about my “Martial Statues”, deserves a response.

Dear Mr. Decker,

Thank you for your proposition. I run Corletti and DePalma Cartage Company out of the Bronx. We too, deal in all sorts of materials and goods that may have fallen off trucks or got misplaced on the docks. We also run a garbage pick-up service, multi-state cigarette distributorship and handle union pension funds. We got associates in Europe, Central America, Chicago and Vegas so moving materials isn’t a problem for us, neither is payment collection. All our customers pay up quickly; for a cut, we’ll see yours do too.

If you want to get in touch with me, our number is 01-(212)-574-0324. Don’t mind that the phone is answered as “Big Tony’s Pizza”, just ask for Vinnie DiAngelo. Don’t bother asking for Big Joey Corletti or Vitto DePalma as both of them recently suffered tragic shaving accidents resulting in the loss of the upper half of their heads.

And if you’re looking for martial statues I got plenty I can let go cheap.


And that's the way I likes it.