27 October 2005

The worm turns

Alright, so I’ve gone through my blog checklist and lo and behold, I think I’ve covered all the bases as far as what I wanted to accomplish. Perplexing MI-6? Check. Acquired help for my overly large Weather machine? Check. Gained minions, to sign up for an absolutely diabolical pyramid scam, check. Insulting that hairy rat-bastard El Barbudo, Check (No, no jealousy about his 2005 “Marooney” award here, nope!)

Let’s face it, for the marginally talented writer (me) a blog isn’t going to amount to much in the way of readership. It’s not going to make me famous, rich or help me take over the world. Why, then? Well, I like to write.

Basically, it’s the philosophical equivalent of a wormy mutt scooting his bum over your brand new silk carpet, in search of relief.

Thank you, dear readers, for letting my scratch this itch.

Oh, and you may want to get that carpet (your brain) professionally cleaned.

And that's the way I likes it.