30 November 2005

Absolutely Cueless

It has been pouring all day, so there was not much sense in working on the porch. Instead, wheezing Fred and I decided to go to the local and play some pool.

As a change of pace, we decided to have a drink or two. We received our sustenance from the barkeep, and placed our quarters walked to the pool tables to play the winner. Some slick looking youngster with a custom cue was playing an elderly lady with a cigar stuck in her mouth. “This shouldn’t take long.”, muttered Fred.

It didn’t. She ran the table and sank the eight neatly. “One of you boys up next?” She asked. Fred acknowledged. “Play for shots?” She said.

Sure, why not?

Fred racked. She broke; and ran the table.

Damn. Just, damn!

She slugged down an Ezra Brooks and raised her eyebrow to me. I nodded and racked,

“Don’t see too many women that can stomach Ezra neat.” I said.

“Yeah,” She said, eyeing the break. “Been drinking straight corn liquor for nigh on 70 years. No sense in diluting it with ice and what-not.” She broke and sank the two.

“Or, smoke a cheroot.” I added, trying to distract her. She puffed smoke at me.

“Been smoking since I was a little girl. Six in the corner.” She neatly slid the six into the pocket, Englishing it around my blocking stripes. Damn.

“Say, what’s that tattoo I see on your forearm?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s the tail of a dragon. It’s coiled around me. I got it when I was a welder in the shipyards during the war. Four off the one.” She made it.

“Damn!” I said admiringly. “You’re one tough lady. Have you ever been picked up by the fuzz?”

She considered the table. Of the solids, only the eight ball remained. She tapped the side pocket with her cue tip.

“Noooo,” She replied. “Can’t say as I have.”

She sank the eight and turned to look me in the eye.

“But I have been swung about by my nipple-rings.”

And that's the way I likes it.