13 November 2005

I could have answered this in the comments, but I didn't have a post ready for today, so....

The good Dr. Pak (Medical Doctor, he actually had to work in school, at his boards, internship and residency. Since I was not prepared to do this, I beat my Doctorate out of my committee. I heartily recommend this approach to the rest of you lazy buggers) asks:

Dr Evil, I can only find posts about you back up to May. Nothing before that. Do you have archives anywhere else?

Sadly, no, Dr. Pak. Two years ago I was working in the quality control department of a manufacturer of recreational pharmaceuticals. After a particularly severe bout of hallucinations, I found that I had been hired as one Alan Greenspan’s chief economists and was sent to Brussels. There I spent my days extorting money from my European colleagues and suggesting helpful passages to the proposed EU constitution (the bit about EU representatives being forced to drive Ford Pintos with defective 8track players that continuously loop “It’s a small world after all!” is my work).

After my term was over, I returned to the States with my loot but tragically lost it all when the bottom dropped out of the “Beanie Baby” market. I was forced to start this blog in May of this year to put food on the table.

This blog, and a few bank robberies has seen us through some trying times.

And that's the way I likes it.