09 November 2005

Microsoft Evil? Naaaw...

Much has been made of Microsoft being an evil conglomerate, on the order of Starbucks or MacDonald's. Yet Bill Gates, whom some have branded the Beelzebub of operating system software, gives billions of his fortune away in charity each year.

Apparently, getting some nookie has mellowed his nerdish evil tendencies.

No, if you want evil, you need a frustrated evil genius as a CEO. Someone like me.


The Blogosphere in 2010. Dr. Scientist has run Microsoft since a hostile takeover (tanks, artillery and attack aircraft, I spare no expense) in 2006.

A blogger writes a post using the lastest MS bundled operating system/office software/web browser/media center/blogging software; "Windows XPensive."

"My eyes were locked, tracking the movement of the whiskey bottle, like a dingo would a baby."

"Yeah, Why not? Just go away would you?"

"So what? Are you descended from convicts or sheep shaggers? GO AWAY!"

"Ooo, what you gonna do, wire boy? Clip me to death? Now how do I turn off this feature..."

"Hey! Cntrl Z, Cntrl-Alt-Del, what the HELL! Yeah I want to exit Windows, NOW! Crap, where's my gun..."


Just thank your lucky stars, people.

And that's the way I likes it.