16 November 2005

Poetry Day!

Well, for lack of anything better, and the fact that I probably will have to wend my way south (waaaay south; deep in the Heart of Texas!) tomorrow, I am declaring today and probably tomorrow, “Poetry Day” Please submit your humorous, ribald, or flat out scary poems, haikus or limericks. Subject matter may include Hippies, Clowns (Clowans, if you need the extra syllable), Evil science and/or Rednecks.

Extra points will be given to rhyming use of “Orange”, “Purple” or “Chimney”. And don’t claim it isn’t possible:

Says she; naught rhymes with Purple and Orange,
So I brought up my latest crack-whore binge,
She gave a hard fur-pull,
That turned my knob purple,
As if it was caught in a door hinge.

See? It can be done, and it only took me four beers. You English majors should be able to do it in no more than two. And light beers at that.

First prize will be a “Port Matilda 43rd annual Hard Liquor and Handgun Night”, “Crazy Enough to Work in the Post Office” T-shirt. We’ll vote on the thing, if I get more than one entry.

And no fair cribbing off this guy, for redneck haikus.

And that's the way I likes it.