18 November 2005

Sinus headache

Apparently, there are little elves that live in my sinuses. Today, they broke into a liquor store, drank all the tequila and are now clog dancing.

I hate elves and all their little ilk.


“FLUMP!” A stack of folders hits my desk.

“What’s this?” I growl. My head still hurts. The only reason I am here, is that we have a tool down at Texas Instruments, and I am walking my field engineers through the diagnostics. Honestly, if this was not an emergency, I’d be home abed, or more likely on a sick bar-stool.

Stout is champion for curing sinus headaches.

“Employee reviews.” The Human Resources drone answers back.

“Listen” I say. “I’ve a splitting headache. Do you really think this is the best time for me to be doing employee reviews?”

“Yes.” She replies. “It’s the perfect time. I hate engineers.”

Good grief, what an evil bitch!

First thing Monday, I’m moving her to the I.T. department, where her skills will be put to better use.

And that's the way I likes it.