03 December 2005

Amazingly, I still have all my fingers, toes and other important appendages.

I’m still trying to beat the snow and get the porch enclosed beforeworse weather blows in. Today we are expecting an inch and a half; which isn’t too bad, but tomorrow we are slated to get quite a bit more.

So, last night I was up until 11 finishing the sub floor. Now, you may find this hard to believe, but even though I am an evil scientist, my balance, especially after a few nips to ward off the cold; is not exactly Cirque de Soleil quality.

So while balancing on the icy floor joists, while carrying a sheet of 3/4 in plywood that was acting as a fine spinnaker, one foot slid on each side of the beam. Had I been on the uphill side of the house, my feet would have hit the ground first, but Murphy being the rat-bastard that he is, insured that the first point of contact was Mr. Happy and the Wonder Twins.

A beam in the bollocks. Nature’s way of telling you to pack it in for the night.

And that's the way I likes it.