12 December 2005


Sorry, all. Things are getting a mite crazy here, what with the missing fissionables missing and monkeys escaping and holding the vulture capitalists hostage.

Not that that bit is a bad thing mind, but the commonwealth of Pennsyltucky's dept. of Deadly Radiation will be inspecting tomorrow, and we're trying to convince one of the less clever human resources types to eat a few pounds of unregulated isotopes and pass his corpse off as containing the missing plutonium.

He wants to know what the catch is. If I have to triple-dog-dare him to get him to tuck in, I shall be one unhappy camper.

To make matters more interesting, we are getting a visit from potential buyers. The boss is of two minds whether to have me included in the meetings, since I can lie like a politicial, or whether I will just scare them.

And that's the way I likes it.