04 January 2006

Pennies From Heaven.

This one comes from Jim Manydaughters. A few days before Christmas, festive preparations were well underway at the Manydaughters’ household when a strange hacking cough charged their parental instincts like nettles under a Scotsman’s kilt.

Now there are many reasons for little kids to cough; illness, smoking, elder siblings chocking the living crap out of them, and the attempted swallowing of objects that ought not to be swallowed.

This was the later.

Well, the moppet was breathing; if a bit tearfully, and when questioned about what it was she swallowed, replied “money”.

Jim recalled seeing a penny on the floor. It was no longer to be found.

So off to the Docs for x-rays and the like. The verdict? Check the poo for a couple of weeks. If no penny in fourteen days, they’d have to operate.

Jim ended up with the inspection job. It involved zip-lock baggies, rubber gloves and a cigar to mask the aroma. “What does this child eat?” he would wonder aloud “Surely her diet is heavy in sauerkraut, limburger and eggs. Rotten eggs.”

After Christmas, I asked him whether that penny had dropped.

“Yes,” he answered “First poo of the New Year!”

Happy New Year, Jim.

And take that penny out of your mouth, kid. For all you know, it could have been up someone’s …

And that's the way I likes it.