16 February 2006

Oh, leave Cheney be, and other fever derived thoughts.

Listen, he’s not exactly my favorite person on the planet, but for crying out loud, if I had to alert the press every time I shot a lawyer, I’d never get anything accomplished.

The press corpse (sick)(sic) should leave him alone so that he can get back to the important work of a VP, (whatever the heck that is) and simply mock him for using bird shot when buckshot or slugs are the preferred load for lawyers.

I read this headline and immediately thought of Twenty Major. Three million sprogs? The lad gets around a bit, doesn’t he?

Look folks, having eaten at MickeyD’s and suffered the inevitable gastro-intestinal spasms, I can sympathize, but watch where you put that pervy bastard Ronald McDonald’s head.

I mean, just look at the sleazy clowan scum. He’s staring up your tunic at your crotchal vicinity and he’s got a hell of a smirk going.

I am never drinking another Pepsi again. First, they start advertising “Brownandbubbly.com” which brings to mind the aforementioned McDonald’s induced GI distress, and then they go totally beyond the pale with this.

I think an angry, torch-bearing mob is in order, and since one is assembled outside my house, I would appreciate a hand in turning them in the right direction.

And that's the way I likes it.