01 February 2006

Where's Waldo Arlingnot?

I haven't heard a peep from Arlington in a few days. Let us hope he is not:

1) Trapped in a well, without Lassie to go get help.

2) Trapped under a large hooker, again, without Lassie to go get help.

3) Gainfully employed at a company with effective IT personnel. That could have a serious effect on my porn business' bottom line.

Hmmm: A business' "bottom line" is horizontal, yet a personal bottom line is vertical. This is borne out when I slide down a stair rail and do not make a flubbering sound, but just let IBM try that! Flubber, flubber, flubber!

I blame venture capitalists for this de-anthropomorphicitation of business. Bring back the corporate crack!

And that's the way I likes it.