16 May 2006

“We LOVE the way you respond quickly to opportunities!”

Gushed our new corporate Overlords. “And we don't want to change a thing, or do anything that would interrupt your business efforts!”

One week later, our corporate overlords have completed their hideous Michael Jackson-like transformation and have delivered a dump truck load of “procedures” and personnel from their other business units on us.

My personal favorite was their change in our medical plan, which only covers treatment in a hospital that is 30 miles away. A hospital, I might add, that has been closed for several years. This makes a lot of sense from a costs point-of-view, but it doesn't install a lot of confidence in MegaCorp's corporate motto “Our People are our Greatest Asset!”, unless they are planning to harvest our organs in an abandoned hospital.

If so, the joke's on them. Our livers are shot!

And that's the way I likes it.