23 July 2006


This post actually has a point, and not just my normal sleazy search engine manipulation in an attempt to inflate my hit-stats. (Number one on Google for “Pointed Breasts”, BTW and far more disturbingly, number one for “Golfing Nomenclature”. Filthy Pervos.)

No, the point is that one can get tripped up on slang with unpleasant results. Take “Norks” for example. On the Brit side of the pond they're breasts. Nice enough for the most part and very unlikely shell Seoul then drive through Pyongyang in a slathering horde on their way to the sea. I've a bit of an issue with mine, but on women they look smashing. Let us say for the record that I approve.

On the Yank side of the pond however, a Nork (NORth Korean you see,) is a minion of the ch, ch, ch chia dicatator.

Admittedly, Dear Leader is a boob, and I've seen more than a few silicon implants in Vegas that are larger, but one would think that there is not enough alcohol in the world to get the two confused.

However, since they started employing riff-raff at Foggy Bottom, and with the tense state of things these days, I should like to remind the State Department to keep their hands to themselves after imbibing in Chosun Sinbo.

The chief Nork. Looks safe enough, but God help you if you were to grope it.

Western intelligence agencies believe that the thing on its head either conceals an anti misssile radar antenna or is some sort of filter-feeding mechanism for harvesting plankton.

And that's the way I likes it.